• GOMA 10-Year Report

    A new 10-year report highlights the successes of the Alliances’ vast partnership. The five Gulf States face similar challenges and concerns as they manage the Gulf Coast and its waters. Our ability to work across borders indicates our partner’s willingness to protect a shared resource.

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    Decision Support Tree

    September 27, 2016—Climate change planning models and tools are very abundant. Many people are overwhelmed where to start. Supported by a grant from the EPA Gulf of Mexico Program, the Climate Change Decision Support Tree will help community stakeholders and natural resource managers choose which tools are right for their projects.

    Living Shorelines – Adapting to Infrastructure

    September 26, 2016—If you go to Ocean Springs, Mississippi, and visit the Inner Harbor Park, you’ll notice some changes taking place. A winding border of rip-rap, sand, and marsh grass are controlling shoreline erosion. Soon, as the plants take over, it will all look as if nature intended it to be that way. It is a new, alternative construction design. It is called a living shoreline.
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    27sep - 25oct9:00 amoct 25- 4:00 pmSeminar: Building Resilience CommunitiesLessons learned from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill

    29sep1:00 pm- 2:00 pmWebinar: Desired Ecological States for Wildlife Provided by Open Pine in Managed Forests

    29sep5:00 pm- 7:00 pmPublic Meeting: Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council