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  • 2017 Gulf Star Projects Selected (11/29/2017) - The Gulf of Mexico Alliance (GOMA) announced today the award of more than $666,000 for 11 Gulf Star projects. This is the second year of the Gulf Star public-private partnership program. The awards, developed in consultation with GOMA’s Priority Issue Teams, address small, but foundational issues associated with coastal resilience, water quality, habitat resources, data and monitoring, wildlife, education, and ecosystem services.
  • TNC Launches New Migratory Species Conservation Project (11/29/2017) - The Gulf of Mexico hosts an extraordinary wealth of migratory marine life—70 percent of highly migratory fish, several sea turtle species, one-third of North American bird species and many marine mammals in the North Atlantic inhabit this ecosystem. The Nature Conservancy has a new effort, the Migratory Species Conservation Project to enhance migratory biodiversity by conserving important pathways within the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Gulf of Mexico Alliance Announces Final Coastal Resilience Awards (11/6/2017) - The Gulf of Mexico Alliance (Alliance) is pleased to announce Coastal Resilience Awards for two community projects totaling $90,000. The community recipients are The City of Fairhope, Alabama and the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana for a project benefiting Terrebonne and LaFourche Parishes. The awards are supported by funding from the NOAA Office for Coastal Management.
  • Winning Photo Submissions (10/31/2017) - We have the results of the fall Gulf of Mexico Alliance Photo Contest! Congratulations to Best in Show Joe Meiman and Cory Diaz (Under 18) for their fantastic snaps.
  • New Paper Offers Strategies to Manage 45 Coastal Species (10/24/2017) - U.S. Geological Survey and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service scientists synthesized existing information on ecological thresholds related to environmental changes for 45 species of coastal fish, wildlife, and plants. The selected species are ecologically, economically, and culturally important. Published in Ocean & Coastal Management, the new paper “A synthesis of thresholds for focal species along the U.S. Atlantic and Gulf Coasts” offers insights on strategies for managing coastal resources.
  • New Report: Plans Reviewed for Endangered and Threatened Species Actions (10/3/2017) - A new report is available that identifies restoration actions that could impact multiple threatened or endangered species in multiple states. The document, Recovery Plan Review for Downlisting/Delisting, presents 80 conservation actions to downlist or delist 27 species along the Gulf of Mexico. The actions are taken directly from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, NOAA Fisheries, or State Recovery Plans and 5-year review documents. The project was conducted with the Gulf of Mexico Alliance (Alliance) Wildlife and Fisheries Team (WFT) through a 2016 Gulf Star award.
  • Hurricane Success Stories (9/28/2017) - The Gulf of Mexico Alliance works across the region addressing issues of human, economic, and ecological resilience. Here, we share success stories from our partners. In no way do we want to diminish the long recovery ahead following Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. But, however small they may be, we want to highlight the things that worked.
  • September Restoration Updates (9/28/2017) - Each month the Gulf of Mexico Alliance shares restoration updates for the region. This month the eNewsletter is dedicated to hurricane success stories. We are sharing regional restoration activity here and will resume normal eNewsletter activity in October.
  • Gulf of Mexico Alliance and BHP Form Partnership to Support the Pointe-au-Chien Tribe in Coastal Louisiana (9/19/2017) - The Gulf of Mexico Alliance (GOMA) is proud to announce a project to support coastal resilience and habitat restoration activities with the Pointe-au-Chien Tribe in Terrebonne and Lafourche Parishes, Louisiana. BHP, a new Gulf Star partner, is funding this unique project. GOMA will work with partners in the region to identify and implement priority actions to address the Tribe’s cultural and historical resilience, in alignment with the Tribe’s Strategic Plan and ongoing work.
  • Hurricane Notes (9/18/2017) - Hurricane Notes is a listing of resources shared from partners with the Gulf of Mexico Alliance and subsequently listed here. It is a compilation of various links and not an exhaustive list. Some links may be useful for future storms.
  • GOMA Meets with White House Council on Environmental Quality (8/31/2017) - On August 1st, members of GOMA's Alliance Management Team met with the White House Council on Environmental Quality to discuss the future of the National Ocean Policy and regional ocean partnerships.
  • Gulf Star RFP Deadline Extended to September 15th (8/30/2017) - Due to the ongoing situation associated with tropical system Harvey, the Gulf of Mexico Alliance is extending the Gulf Star Program Request for Proposals deadline to September 15th.
  • Partnership for Gulf Coast Land Conservation: 8th Annual Conference (8/17/2017) - The Partnership for Gulf Coast Land Conservation 2017 Annual Conference is now open for registration. The meeting will be September 27-29, 2017 at the Holiday Inn Resort in Pensacola, Florida. The theme this year is, "Best Practices in Landscape Scale Land Conservation in the Gulf of Mexico Region."
  • GOMA July 2017 Newsletter Is Available (7/31/2017) - The Gulf of Mexico July 2017 newsletter is available. The newsletter is comprehensive of oil spill restoration program activities, select funding opportunities, and more. This month's highlights include the Gulf Star Program RFP, photo competition, and Marine Debris Cross-Team Initiative mid-year meeting.
  • RESTORE Council to Release Draft 2017 Funded Priorities List (7/11/2017) - The Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council will release the Draft 2017 Funded Priorities List: Comprehensive Commitment and Planning Support on Thursday, July 13, 2017 via
  • Long Beach Harbor Latest to Earn “Clean and Resilient Marina” Status (6/30/2017) - The sun was shining overhead as representatives from the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources and Long Beach Harbor gathered on June 13 to raise the new “Clean and Resilient Marina” flag to signify the harbor’s successful efforts in over three years of hard work to earn the designation. Long Beach Harbor now looks forward to attracting more visiting boaters to and connecting them to the larger onshore business community. Long Beach Harbor is the fourth marina in Mississippi to earn the designation “Clean and Resilient.”
  • Coastal Resilience Team Attends Sustainable Communities Leadership Academy (6/29/2017) - Gulf of Mexico Alliance Coastal Resilience Team members participated this week in the Sustainable Communities Leadership Academy (SCLA): Innovations in Building Resilient Communities in Denver, Colorado. They represented the Gulf of Mexico to discuss regional successes and share what steps GOMA has taken to work with coastal communities.

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