Federal Legislative Map – Use the map below to find contact information on the Gulf Coast federal legislative delegates. To search for all United States federal legislative delegates click here. Making contact with your state congressional delegate is a good way to let them know how you would like to be represented on issues concerning the Gulf ecosystem and habitat.

Gulf Coast States
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Legislative Packet

If you are visiting a congressional delegate and want to share information about issues important in the Gulf of Mexico region, feel free to download the following useful items specifically related to the work of the Gulf of Mexico Alliance.

Gulf of Mexico Alliance Summary Brouchure

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Gulf of Mexico Brochure – This one page document highlights the mission and accomplishments of the Gulf of Mexico Alliance program.

Priority Issue Brochures

Water Quality

Habitat Conservation and Restoration

Ecosystem Integration and Assessment

Nutrients and Nutrient Impacts

Coastal Community Resilience

Environmental Education

Governor’s Action Plan I

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Governors' Action Plan II
for Healthy and Resilient
(March 2009 - March 2014

English | Español

Governor’s Action Plan II

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Governors' Action Plan I
for Healthy and Resilient
(March 2006 - March 2009)

English | Español

Also, be sure to visit our Resources for more project-specific plans and reports from the Gulf of Mexico Alliance.

Legislative Liaison Team – The Alliance Management Team (AMT) is the governing body of the Gulf of Mexico Alliance. All five Gulf States have representation on the AMT, as well as the federal partners including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Department of Interior (DOI). The AMT determines the priority issues that will enhance the ecologic and economic health of the Gulf Region and ensures Gulf engagement on regionally important issues such as the Hypoxia Task Force, Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative, Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force, and Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning.

State members of the AMT, while working in their home states, are best able to answer your questions when interacting with the delegates. Click here for AMT contact information.


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