Regional Restoration

The Gulf region is a vital economic engine for the nation, supplying trillions of dollars annually to the U.S. economy and providing jobs for millions of people. In recent years, the regionís ecosystem has been significantly impacted by natural and man-made events, resulting in losses in critical habitat and degradation in water quality. While significant strides have been made in understanding the regionís ecosystem and ability to rebound from hazard events, there is still a lot of restorative work to be done. State and federal agencies are actively addressing the issue as are many of our NGO and business partners.

Please utilize the following links for a better understanding of the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem and help support its long-term sustainability.


GoMA Map Project

GOMA is developing a map that will allow users to view restoration projects as well as research activities in progress across the Gulf. Currently, the site contains almost 200 projects with more to be added in the future. Click here to see the demonstration site. Your feedback is welcome!