Our Priorities

After 10 years of collaboration, the Gulf of Mexico Alliance partnership is nearly 900 people strong. Our members are from state and federal agencies, NGOs, academia and businesses – all with a goal of ensuring a healthy and resilient Gulf of Mexico. In 2014, after careful consideration and evaluation, the GOMA Alliance Management Team elected to update the priorities supported by the Gulf of Mexico Alliance partnership. Important to note: none of the focus areas were eliminated, but are redistributed within the new team structure.

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Priority Issue Teams

COASTAL RESILIENCE – The existing Resilience Team will continue many of its successful actions and explore others that have immediate effects on our ability to respond to natural and man-made hazards. This team will continue to be led by the State of Mississippi, Department of Marine Resources. Click here to contact the Coastal Resilience Team Coordinator.

DATA & MONITORING – This new team will incorporate the water quality monitoring efforts as well as many of the data and data acquisition efforts of the Ecosystems Team. This team will be led by the State of Florida, Department of Environmental Protection. Click here to contact the Data & Monitoring Team Coordinator.

EDUCATION & ENGAGEMENT – This existing team will shift its focus to providing education, outreach and engagement to the other team projects and programs. It is looking to incorporate a wide variety of audiences including Coastal Trainers, Outreach Specialists, and K–12 educator. It will be led by the State of Alabama and coordinated by Dauphin Island Sea Lab. Click here to contact the Education & Engagement Team Coordinator.

HABITAT RESOURCES – The existing Habitat Conservation and Restoration Team will continue many of its very successful actions and incorporate some currently being addressed by the Ecosystems Team. This team will be led by the State of Louisiana, Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority. Click here to contact the Habitat Team Coordinator.

WATER RESOURCES – By combining focus areas of the Water Quality PIT and the Nutrients PIT, the new Water Resources team will have a chance to address multiple focus areas related to water quality and quantity in the region. This team will be led by the State of Mississippi, Department Environmental Quality. Click here to contact the Water Resources Team Coordinator.

WILDLIFE & FISHERIES – This new team was developed out of a need to provide a venue for agencies and organizations working directly with wildlife and fisheries issues on a regional basis. This team will have an opportunity to develop its own focus areas and action items. It will be led by the State of Texas, Commission for Environmental Quality, and coordinated by the Harte Research Institute. Click here to contact the Wildlife & Fisheries Team Coordinator.

Join a Team

Cross-PIT Initiatives

In addition to the above changes in the Priority Issue Teams, GOMA teams will also tackle several cross-PIT regional initiatives, including:

  • Comprehensive Conservation, Restoration, and Resilience Planning
  • Ecosystem Services
  • Marine Debris

Benefits of Participating in GOMA Teams

  • Networking, collaboration, information exchange
  • Keep current on projects and efforts in the region
  • Communicate your projects and efforts to key regional players
  • Partnership opportunities for project development

GOMA provides that center-piece network for all these things

Joining a Team

Anyone is welcome to be a member of GOMA PITs. There is no membership requirement or dues payments.

Teams meet as opportunities present themselves via conference call, meetings, webinars, etc. Each team has a coordinator to organize and keep the team members well informed. Participation is flexible and according to interests and abilities.

To learn more or become a member of one of the Team or Cross-PIT Initiatives, contact the Team Coordinator or Laura Bowie.