Wildlife & Fisheries Team

One of the new teams to emerge from GOMA’s restructure is the Wildlife and Fisheries Team. The Wildlife and Fisheries Team focuses on living coastal and marine resources and other biological objectives as determined by the new team members during their first meeting.

The Team has two goals:

  • Work to understand and support diverse wildlife and fisheries populations to sustain a resilient Gulf of Mexico ecosystem
  • Inform conservation and policy decision makers through collaboration with the other Gulf of Mexico Alliance teams

The GOMA Wildlife and Fisheries Team is led by the State of Texas, but has active participation from all five Gulf States and federal agencies working in the region, as well as academia, businesses, and non-profit organizations. Learn more about the Team’s focus areas and actions in Action Plan III.

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Funding Opportunity – none at this time.

Gulf Star 2016 Awards

  • Connectivity of Sea Turtles in Gulf Habitats | Inwater Research Group
    This project focuses on neonate sea turtles found in pelagic habitat off of Venice, Louisiana; junvenile and sub-adult sea turtles in nearshore habitat in the Big Bend region of Florida; and sub-adult and adult turtles found on foraging grounds near the Marquesas Keys, Florida.
  • Species Recovery Plan Review | Ashely Ballou Consultant
    This project identifies specific conservation actions that can be prioritized in order to downlist or delist particular threatened or endangered species in the region.  Once obtained, the prioritized actions will be included in regional restoration plans developed by state and federal agencies.

Team Chair

  • Robin Riechers, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
  • Mark Lingo, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Team Coordinators

Team Meeting Information

  • Contact your coordinator for any meeting notes or presentations.

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