Decision Elements                      

Stakeholder Awareness, Outreach and Education

Watershed Characterization

Status and Trends in Water Quality and Nutrient Loading

Regulations, Policies, and Management Programs

Quantitative Reduction Targets

Analytical Tools

Management Practices

Monitoring Networks

Funding and Economic Incentives


Analytical Tools

Numerous tools are available for estimating and assessing potential nutrient reductions, and associated benefits to water quality, from different management practices. It is important to identify the applicable tools for the target timeframe and area, and document the associated assumptions, inputs and outputs.

Models of 
            relationships between nutrients and other parameters applied or applicable to GOMA water systems.

Models of 
            changes over time in nutrient inputs and / or their environmental effects, applied or applicable to GOMA systems.

Other tools 
            that aid nutrient reduction planning applied or applicable to GOMA states.

GIS-based tools 
            for nutrient reduction evaluation and planning applied or applicable to GOMA aquatic systems.