Decision Elements                     

Stakeholder Awareness, Outreach and Education

Watershed Characterization

Status and Trends in Water Quality and Nutrient Loading

Regulations, Policies, and Management Programs

Quantitative Reduction Targets

Analytical Tools

Management Practices

Monitoring Networks

Funding and Economic Incentives


Funding and Economic Incentives

Leveraging funds from multiple sources should be a key component in implementing nutrient reduction strategies. One of the guiding principles of the Governors' Action Plan II is the use of innovative, market-based solutions for nutrient reductions. Economic incentives need to be created and identified to encourage voluntary implementation. Economic incentives are particularly important for the private sector, although recognition of performance and contributions to nutrient reductions are also important incentives. Economic incentives might include watershed- or basin-scale water quality or nutrient trading programs, wetland credits for treatment or marsh creation, and conservation easements.