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Project Title: Analysis and Recommendations for Increasing Restoration and Conservation on Private Lands

Project Description: The task for investigators was to identify policy and economic, geographic, and other limitations that currently limit the extent and success of initiatives designed to promote private landowner and industry participation in coastal habitat conservation and restoration activities and to develop recommendations and corresponding implementation strategies for improvements in the five of the U.S. Gulf States. The investigators chose to assess the status of private land conservation in the Gulf of Mexico states by conducting two online opinion surveys and a facilitated workshop designed to gain input from land trusts and land protection organizations and agencies in the Gulf region in 2010 and early 2011. The Land Trust Alliance was the grant recipient and worked with Barber & Mann and the Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain to conduct the project. The final report can be reviewed here.
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Project Title: Analysis of State and Federal Policy and Regulatory Programs that are Intended to Provide Protection to Coastal Habitats in the Gulf of Mexico

Project Description:This project focuses on identifying strengths and weaknesses of the habitat conservation and restoration management systems in the five Gulf states, as well as the gaps and areas of overlap between the various components. The Environmental Law Institute (ELI) achieved this by researching and analyzing current laws, policies, and regulations; identifying practical differences between the state programs, such as funding, staff, and objectives; and by consulting program staff and other experts in each area to help us assess the efficacy of the individual programs in practice. The final report will facilitate the development and implementation of specific strategies for improving the overall strength of the individual state programs and for filling substantive gaps between them. The final report can be reviewed here.
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Project Title: Conservation and Restoration in the Gulf of Mexico: Comparison of Mexico and U.S. Policy, Law and Management

Project Description: Building upon the existing system of laws, policies, and institutions, The Environmental Law Institute (ELI) and the Mexican Center for Environmental Law (CEMDA) (the project team) are working to develop a well-reasoned strategy for enhanced collaboration between Mexico and the United States toward habitat conservation and restoration goals and actions. They are developing this strategy by investigating and analyzing the US and Mexican laws, policies, and institutions available and needed to achieve the goals and actions of the Gulf of Mexico Alliance Habitat Conservation and Restoration Team (HCRT). They will identify the strengths and weaknesses of the current framework for achieving stewardship goals by analyzing the relevant legal structures, management plans, activities, regional development goals, and regional funding programs. The final report will help decision-makers understand opportunities for, and obstacles to, collaborative habitat conservation and restoration; provide guidance on what a Mexican Gulf Alliance could entail and steps to achieve such an alliance; and serve as a compendium of Mexican and US laws, policies, and institutions related to Gulf of Mexico coastal habitat conservation and restoration.
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